Who can come?

If you're a technical professional in the tri-state area, and a sports enthusiast, you're the perfect match! Ideally, you have a few programming projects under your belt, but at a minimum, you should be able to code. 
*We are accepting the first 60 participants to arrive on site, so get there early!*


How long is this hackathon? 

The hackathon will be 24-ish hours long. The best projects maximize that time so plan to stay over if your team; there will be snacks provided and lots of caffeine. 


What will we need to present? 

There will be two rounds of judging: First, judges will make rounds to meet with teams to vet the technical specs of the project and look at the coding you've done to create your idea. The second round will be presentations which focus on the feasibility and innovation of the idea. Judges will spend 5 minutes with each team during rounds and then presentations will be 3 minute maximum with 2 min Q&A.


Is it ok if I don't have a team? 

Yes! If you do not have a team, we'll split you up at the hackathon into groups of 4-5. 


Is the hackathon located downtown? 

Yes, it's located in Tribeca and has a gorgeous night-time view of the World Trade Center.



Will food be served? 

Yes, there will be food. From the time you enter till the time you leave, we promise food galore! 


What should I bring? 

Laptops, chargers, and cellphone are definitely a must! 
**Bring a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter if you have a Mac!**

If you're planning on staying over, we recommend bringing toilerties and a change of clothes.



Does Time Inc offer travel reimbursements?

At this time, we do not. 


Have a question we didn't address? Email megan.walter@timeinc.com.